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What Man United legend is best at pottery?
Who gave out spicy sausages in streets of Calcutta?
Which Italian footballer frequents Currys and Dixons?

Join some of the world's largest corporations in finding out the answers to these incredible jokes in Funny Business, a 72 page joke book (of sorts).

Each joke is told to a company using their 'live chat' customer service feature. Some companies love the jokes and ask for more. Some don't and block all further communication. While others are just straight up confused.

Hope you enjoy it!

Important notes:
1. If you were a book containing amazing/terrible jokes told to massive corporations, Funny Business would definitely buy you.
2. A joke is a joke, but for legal reasons the names of the companies and their employees have been redacted (in foil on the cover no less).
3. The book is A5 in size (210mm X 148mm) and has a blingy foil blocked cover.
4. Turn your computer upside down to reveal the answers to the jokes above (Funny Business accepts no responsibility for any resulting damages):

uosnƃɹǝɟ sɔᴉɯɐɹǝɔ
ozᴉɹoɥɔ ɹǝɥʇoɯ
ʎllǝʇɐʎnq oᴉɹɐɯ

You can read more about the project on my blog: http://yemut.tumblr.com/

Thank you!

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